For those who are (famous and unknown) in the motor racing world who are never home on Sunday, this is their church. Additional monies raised go to support area mission and charities. 

Partners with organizations to support our community's most vulnerable children in need of critical help across multiple facets of life. The foundation's primary areas of investment include: hunger relief with second Harvest Food Bank, social mobility with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and furthering the amazing work of Levine Children's Hospital. 

Dedicated to giving under privileged individuals, with a focus on youth, the resources to improve confidence, education, and the opportunity to achieve extraordinary goals. They support a variety of charities falling within their mission statement and makes an effort to provide support to all those in need in as many communities as possible. 

To date they have over 250 home projects completed or in the planning in 33 states providing homes and home modifications to America's Heroes and the widows of the fallen who have sacrifices so much to defend or freedoms and values.